Assessment - Humanities & Fine Arts

The mission of the Humanities and Fine Arts Division is to engage faculty and students in the quest for personal and social meaning as a the basis for compassionate and just service to others. At the center of the University’s Catholic, Marianist, and liberal arts tradition, the division's students and faculty strive to form learning communities that focus on the development of moral character, historical, literary and aesthetic disciplines for understanding self, others and God, while encouraging civic engagement and service to others.

Program assessment is accomplished using two methodologies: gathering data in support of the realization of program learning outcomes throughout the curricula from courses that are linked to those outcomes; and cumulative data showing exit competencies of the students in our various programs. Cumulative program data is collected in a variety of ways either through capstone experiences or exit assessment tools designed to demonstrate program outcome competencies.

The first cycle of evidence gathering for most of the programs (Fall 2008) demonstrated the need for a more robust assessment data and reporting management program. This is being investigated this Spring and will be implemented from Fall 2008 with evidence collection. The cumulative data will be collected for four programs in Fall 2008: English, History, Religion, and MPT/MAPL.